WildcatSDR is operated by WS6A of Georgetown, KY

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? kHz @ -6dB; ? kHz @ -60dB.

Users Online: (?)

? dB; peak ? dB;
mute Squelch autonotch

Allow keyboard:
j k ← →: freq down/up (+shift/ctrl/alt faster)
u l c a f: USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM
z Z: center/zoom waterfall
g: enter frequency
Scroll mouse over waterfall to zoom in/out.
Click label to auto-tune frequency

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hardware (160m, 80m/60, 40m, 20): RTL-SDR v3
antenna: EFHW-8010
interface design : UB0AZG & SV1RVL
author of the WebSDR software: PA3FWM